Marie painting low res

Glass Artist

“As an artist, I take my inspiration from the pure beauty and simplicity of nature. From the natural world and all its warm colours, from delicate light and smooth shapes of the landscape, from the vibrant energy of the earth and the fresh green lushness of the bush.”

Marie has a background in textile design, weaving and glass. Marie was born in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 1955, and was taught the craft of weaving at an early age by her grandmother. This became a real fascination and provided the classic basis of her glass work, now a blend of Australasian flair with the sophistication and craftsmanship of her heritage. Marie’s glass work moves smoothly between contrasts. Her artistic expression is colourful and timeless and created with joy. She works with vivid colours, pure forms and classical lines in a confident, loose style.

“I love colours and I love glass – it is my favourite media. I love to experiment and explore the limits of the glassblowing techniques. Light and design have a strong presence in my work and I create unique pieces using images and colour. Working and collaborating with Ola, I am constantly inspired by his craftsmanship and I have the freedom to explore my ideas. Form and design are my life.”