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Hoglund Art Glass is very much a family affair. Ola and his wife Marie Hoglund have worked together as a team for five decades to create glass artwork that has earned them world-wide praise. They are joined in the glassblowing studio by their son Ossian and daughter-in-law Annabel. Youngest son Oliver is creating his glass lights in Australia. Their art-glass is internationally renowned and highly sought after by both public and private collectors.



Our ‘jungle glass-studio’ in the rainforest of Tropical North Queensland is now CLOSED.

We have relocated the glass furnace, kilns and tools to our glassblowing studio and showroom in Appleby (Richmond) in NELSON New Zealand.



The glass gallery is permanently closed and we have relocated to our glassblowing studio and showroom in NELSON, New Zealand.


OPEN 7 days

The Höglund family invite you to their glass-blowing studio and showroom which is fully stocked with stunning art glass.

Blown perfume bottles, vases, goblets, paperweights, platters and bowls in beautiful colours created by Ola, Ossian and Annabel Hoglund.

Blown glass lights for SOKTAS by Oliver Hoglund and fused glass jewellery handmade by Marie Hoglund and Mel Keelty.


(closed on public holidays)