In late February my husband, my sister and I visited your breath taking art glass gallery at your studio in Nelson. We really enjoyed looking at all the wonderful pieces of glass art that you have and we enjoyed the “glass museum” where one can learn different aspects about making the glass.

We were also lucky enough to find a piece of art glass which we were able to purchase. Claire and Melanie’s assistance was really, really amazing. They were so patient whilst we “um.ed & ah.ed” over various pieces, were helpful and accommodating in assisting us to display pieces in the natural light and even went to the trouble of obtaining a piece which had recently been made (which we ended up purchasing) because they felt it would suit our taste. To top it all off they were very friendly. We love our piece of Hoglund Art Glass, but I am sure we love it more thanks to the nice, warm memories we have of how we were assisted by Melanie and Claire.

So, we want to say a BIG, BIG THANK YOU to Melanie and Claire.

Thanks again!

Bernadette & Ramesh & Patrice

Melbourne, Australia

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