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Height: 29cm
Weight: 7.35 kg

A singular work of art, engraved with its individual title and code, numbered and signed by the artist, and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity – an investment that will appreciate in value over time – a true collector’s treasure.

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Product Description

Seen from Earth, our Galaxy appears as a milky arch stretching across the celestial vault.

Where our planet is placed inside this great spiral disk, our line of sight towards the centre (28.000 light-years long) is blocked by billions of stars and clouds of interstellar dust and gas, which makes it impossible for us to gain an idea of the real appearance.

A curtain of stars, which appear to touch each other, which are an illusion caused by perspective, hides the centre of the Galaxy. In reality, these estimated 200 billion stars are 30 million million kilometers (3 light-years) away from each other, and despite appearance the Galaxy is essentially empty.

This masterpiece is handblown by glass artist and master glassblower Ola Höglund from crystal clear glass in the Sommerso technique, a rare and complex technique originating in Italy, famous for its sculptural elements and dramatic effect.

In the center, delicate layers of coloured glass are worked around the core, submerged within layer upon layer of crystal glass. Black coloured canes are added.
Each layer of the clear crystal glass plays with light through the layers of translucent, luxurious colour as a glowing nebula casts its gaseous draperies against the background sky.

As enchanting and enthralling as the Milky Way itself, this Galaxy vase will captivate you…