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Like all our masterpieces our singular works are one-of-a-kind, and totally unique.




Height: 48cm

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Product Description

The intricate blowing technique to create these stunning Incalmo Flute Vases uses handmade coloured, glass canes fused into the molten, lead-free crystal glass from the glassblowing furnace. Ola Höglund is well known for his use of bold colour combinations. A technique that shows off these colour combinations in style, is the Incalmo Technique – it demands several blown bubbles of glass – one for the body, one for the base and one for the attached rim. At a particular time, when the bubbles have been worked to the desired size, the four bubbles are joined while still hot. Once cooled in the annealing kiln, you can feel where the four bubbles were joined together.
Each Chanterelle vase is individual, and unable to be repeated – “even if I tried I wouldn’t be able to duplicate them’ – this makes each one unique and each differs due to the techniques used, flow of the colours and the handmade canes. The vases are presented in a wide range of colour combinations from blues and greens through to orange, red and bright lime green.