24 karat gold, quality crystal clear glass, a unique design and highest craftsmanship gives our gold glass beads on neck rings their individual personality.

Each glass bead has been made by hand with slight variations in size, shape, colours and texture due to the organic nature of glass. Tiny air bubbles may be trapped – frozen forever in the glass. Each handmade bead is unique in its final form and finish; therefore, no two beads will ever be duplicated. The beads are individually created by ‘flamework’ – an ancient Venetian technique. In the centre of each bead, layers of coloured glass are worked around the core, encased with 24 karat gold and crystal clear glass.

The earliest glass beads are thought to date as far back as 1400 B.C. Throughout history glass has always been a rare and highly prized commodity. It has been considered as precious as the finest jewels and rarer than gold. Handmade glass beads were traded in exchange for gold, slaves and ivory. The craft of glassmaking was passed from father to son and from master to apprentice. Formulas and techniques were closely guarded; at times, in history, the penalty for betrayal was death.”

Today, handmade glass beads are sought after by collectors, around the globe.

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