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Like all our masterpieces our singular works are one-of-a-kind, and totally unique.




Height: 53.5cm

The intricate blowing technique to create this stunning vertical Incalmo Cane vase uses handmade coloured, glass canes fused into the molten glass from the glassblowing furnace.

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Product Description

Glass artist Ola Höglund is well known for his use of bold colour combinations. The Incalmo technique demands three bubble of glass being blown at the same time – two for the body and one for the neck. At a particular time, when the bubbles have been worked to the desired size, the three bubbles are joined while still hot. Once cooled in the annealing kiln, you can feel where the bubbles were joined together.

Tiny air bubbles may be trapped – frozen forever in the glass. Each piece is unique in its final form and finish; therefore, no two vases will ever be duplicated. This is what gives our glass its individual personality and is the essence and beauty of Höglund Art Glass.