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Höglund Art Glass is a leading provider of quality glass art in New Zealand and Australia. Our galleries and studio are home to handcrafted and unique glass masterpieces for the appreciation of art lovers and enthusiasts.

We offer an extensive range of premium glass products for our clients. Add structure and beauty to your home with our glass vases and bowls. Present your lady with beautiful jewellery such as necklaces and rings, or keep your man looking sophisticated with glass cuff links.

We also offer decorative glass perfume bottles. Our perfume bottles are timeless collectibles. Choose from our wide selection of hand-blown perfume bottles. Pour your favourite scents into our handcrafted bottles and enjoy the smooth glass surface. These bottles are also wonderful additions to dressing tables and bureau tops. Each glass bottle is hand-blown using an intricate technique in which layers of beautifully coloured glass is framed within crystal clear glass.

We encourage art enthusiasts and scent lovers to buy our quality perfume bottles. These bottles add aesthetic appeal to your room.

For more of your glass needs, visit Höglund Art Glass. We cater to all your needs. If you appreciate hand-blown glass art, visit our galleries and studio. Contact us at +64 3 544 6500 or +64 3 442 7210 in New Zealand.



170mm tall

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Product Description

Our Perfume Bottles are time-less collectibles – hand created in an intricate technique where each individual layer of coloured glass are wrapped with large air bubbles and framed with clear glass.


Each Perfume Bottle has been individually made by hand with slight variations in size, shape, colours and texture due to the organic nature of glass. Tiny air bubbles may be trapped – frozen forever in the glass. Each bottle is unique in its final form and finish; therefore, no two bottles will ever be duplicated. This is what gives our glass its individual personality and is the essence and beauty of Höglund Art Glass.