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penguin 15cm


One of a kind

This penguin is approx 12cm ht. Please contact us directly for other available sizes and prices


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Product Description

The Höglund Art Glass family of finely handmade glass penguins is individual creations, which begin life as pure silica sand. The sand is melted in the glass furnace at a temperature in excess of 1360º Celsius for 12 hours. By morning the glass is ready to be gathered on to the iron blowpipe, and work can begin on a penguin. In the hands of the master glassblower, lead-free crystal glass is patiently transformed into a unique work of art, which can never be duplicated. Using techniques and tools that go back centuries Ola Höglund shape and create these lifelike birds. Handmade glass is an art form, which bears the ‘fingerprint’ of the glass artist in every piece he creates. Therefore each penguin has its own characteristics and its own unique appeal, with slight variations in colour, shape and size.